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Some Nice C++ Stuff

  • Have you ever missed STL hash_map data type when using MS Visual C? MS STL implementation uses red-black trees as a base for map and set templates. However there are cases where hash table based maps and sets are highly desirable. Unlike MS STL, SGI STL implementation provides programmer with hashtable based data types. This piece of code was adopted from SGI STL implementation. It works fine with MS Visual C v5.0 SP2 though as usual no guarantees are made.

  • Getting UNC name of a Windows file is a somewhat complicated task. Although Win32 API provides WNetGetUniversalName function it doesn't work well. A solution proposed by MS in Q131416 "BUG: WNetGetUniversalName Fails Under Windows 95" MSDN article is not complete because it gets only a UNC name of a file that is situated on a mapped drive. However if one shares a folder MS solution doesn't find UNC name for files within it. This code solves the problem of obtaining UNC name.

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